Obstacle Info

The Drop

Climb up to the top, but watch the drop!

Maze Runner

Zig-zag through this maze and solve the puzzle to escape. Watch out for the water sprays!

Leap Frog

Leap, jump, skip or crawl – do whatever it takes to avoid falling!

Hurdle Zone

Bring out your inner olympian – speed up and conquer the hurdles, watch your step!

Moon Walk

Ever wondered what it’s like to walk on the moon? Give Moon Walk a try! It’s harder than it looks.


Run through our life sized pinball machine and dodge the pinballs! We advise to take some time to enjoy this one!


Our most challenging obstacle yet. Will you survive or be wiped out?

The Rockies

Climb over our very own version of the Rocky Mountains and smash through the air towers!

Super Scream

New and improved, 60m long water slide with 4 lanes! Be prepared for a 5K finish line like no other!

Barrel Run

Tackle your way through the tight barrels, watch out for the drop!