Healthy Hut Food

We will be at each Super Milk Wild Air Run event this summer ready to provide you with delicious healthy food. See a sample of our menu below.

At Healthy Hut, our philosophy is that you should not have to compromise on choosing healthy options when eating “on the go” at festivals and outdoor events. Our delicious and nutritious menu is refreshingly different and has been a huge hit wherever we go, offering a host of scrumptious healthy options.

NB: There will be no food vendors at the KILKENNY CASTLE event. Attendees are however able to take their own food to the event where there are seating areas in the Chill Zone. There is also a cafe within Kilkenny Castle.

Healthy Hut Menu

Sweet chilli chicken wrap – €6.00
Chicken Caesar wrap – €6.00
Grilled Steak wrap – €7.00
Chicken noodles – €6.50
Steak noodles – €6.00
Caesar Salad – €4.95
Vegetarian Wrap – €5.00
Vegetarian Bowl – €5.00
Homemade Soup – €3.00

Groovy Smoothie menu

Berry Blast €4.95
The Revitaliser €4.95
The Strawberry Sunburst €4.95
The Goddess Detox €4.95
Tropical Mango €4.95

Coffee on the move Tuc Tuc

Tea €2.00
Green Tea €2.20
Americano €2.00
Cappuccino / Latte €2.50
Hot Chocolate €2.50