Avonmore Super Milk

We are proud to be partnered with Avonmore Super Milk. We at Wild Air Run are all about having fun in a healthy outdoor environment and promoting physical activity in Ireland. We share a lot of the same values as Super Milk including the importance of healthy bones, healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.

We’re working together to promote all the benefits of Super Milk, particularly the fact that a 250ml glass will contain 100% of your recommended intake of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for strong bones and good health. Vitamin D is made in the skin by exposure to sunlight – something which we don’t always get a lot of here in Ireland. By working together with Super Milk we’re the perfect partnership to help you reach your recommended intake of Vitamin D!

A 250ml glass of Avonmore Whole or Low Fat Super Milk will provide you with:

of your daily recommended intake for Calcium52%
of your daily recommended intake for Vitamin D100%
of your daily recommended intake for Vitamin B1240%
of your daily recommended intake for Folic Acid36%

Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal bones. Avonmore Super Milk contains 100% of the EU Reference Intake for Vitamin D in a 250ml glass. Enjoy Avonmore Super Milk as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Anyone who uses the Avonmore code which is found on the Super Milk cartons, will be in with a chance of winning a hotel stay.

Buy a carton of Avonmore Super Milk, use the code when purchasing your tickets & you could win a hotel stay!

Want to see if you got enough Vitamin D yesterday? Why not try Avonmore Super Milk’s fun Vitamin D calculator.

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