Wild Air Run

About Wild Air Run

Wild Air Run is an award-winning family fun run that features 10 of Europe’s biggest inflatable obstacles as part of a 5K course.

2019 brings new features such a foam on our 4 lane extreme slide. Our 4 lane extreme slide is 60 m long!

Join the 20,000+ people that got involved and had EXTREME FUN in Summer 2018. The Wild Air Run craze is sweeping the nation!

*In most cases the course will be 5K in either one or two circuits. In some cases the course may be less than 5K for Health & Safety reasons and the layout of the venue.

The course is made up of 10 larger than life obstacles which you can battle your way through. Warm-up with our highly experienced, Club Vitae professional motivators before beginning the Wild Air Run.

Remember, we’re not timing you so relax, enjoy, have some fun and help your friends and family cross the finish line. If you have that competitive streak you can of course race your family and friends. May the best Wild Air Runner win!

Pssst kids: There are shortcuts available for you to beat the adults!

We also have our Chill Zone for when you’ve completed the race. We want you to enjoy more than just our course. Our Chill Zone will be open throughout the event day. The Chill Zone will have refreshments with seating and games. Spectators are free! They can cheer you on from the side-lines, watch you tackle Europe’s longest slide before crossing the finish line and join you for a well-deserved seat in the Chill Zone!

Obstacle Info

The Drop

Climb up to the top, but watch the drop!

Maze Runner

Zig-zag through this maze and solve the puzzle to escape. Watch out for the water sprays!

Leap Frog

Leap, jump, skip or crawl – do whatever it takes to avoid falling!

Hurdle Zone

Bring out your inner olympian – speed up and conquer the hurdles, watch your step!

Moon Walk

Ever wondered what it’s like to walk on the moon? Give Moon Walk a try! It’s harder than it looks.


Run through our life sized pinball machine and dodge the pinballs! Or be the pinball if you’re brave enough. We advise to take some time to enjoy this one!


Our most challenging obstacle yet. Will you survive or be wiped out?

The Rockies

Climb over our very own version of the Rocky Mountains and smash through the air towers!

Super Scream

New and improved for 2017. We’ve went bigger, better and TALLER. Be prepared for a 5K Finish Line like no other!

To be announced soon..

We are Super excited about this new obstacle! Be ready!